Needed to dry clean a blazer for the next day & was ready on time... it was immaculate and greatly done. Good price & great customer service!!!!”

Jackie N.


The wonderful people at Klassic Kleaners were able to clean the American flag that was draped over my grandfather's coffin. My grandmother stored away the flag for around 35 years without proper protecting. Fortunately, although quite dirty, the flag's fabric was still in good shape.

Klassic Kleaner's staff explained to me the risk of dry cleaning such an old and precious family heirloom, but I decided to take the risk so I could then display my grandfather's flag properly.

I wish I had taken some before pictures, but I assumed that most of the stains would remain. KLASSIC CLEANERS GOT ALL THE STAINS OUT! Now the flag is proudly displayed in a case and will never be stored away again.

-Freddy T.